Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vargas, Fred: Have Mercy On Us All

Another brilliant offering from this Franch lady who combines everyday settings with offbeat erudite learning and twisted
plots. What I find more than a little appealing is the way she almost has a closed universe with the main characters in
one novel appearing in a secondary role in others. In this tale Commissaire Adamsberg has the leading role ina rather
bizarre story about the plague whereas in 'Seeking Whom He May Devour' his role is limited to an appearance will into
that book. In addition, one of the 'Three Apostles' appears logically in the novel. Adamsbergs has been compared
with Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse and there are similarities in their reliance on instinct rather than the minutiae of
police work. The characters that provide the background to the story are given a fairly rounded description, as much
from what thyey say and do and the interaction between them as from anything. Very enjoyable indeed.

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