Saturday, September 12, 2009

Frightfest 2008: Day 4 (24.09.08)

This is set in a community ruled effectively by the local pastor whose fundamentalism is willingly accepted by the locals to the
extent that deviation leads to ostracism. His son is even more fundamental than he is. A series of suicides and the return of an outsider after the death of his mother lead to an unexpected denouement. Well enough done without being too good.
According to the writer of the novel and screenplay, the film is based on his own childhood with the supernatural element added. A teenage vampire love story which is extremely well done with the setting in a small town in the depths of winter excellently portrayed.
THE BROKEN is an English supernatural thriller - what happens when you see yourself drive by? Excellently acted by Lena Headey in the lead with able support from Richard Jenkins as her father, the twists of the plot tighten the tension in a believable London for a change.
A rather poor gore strewn piece of rubbish with no much to commend it.
A disturbing Frecnh film about the work of a rich cult who lebieve that ultimate suffering brings revelation of life after death.
If it were not so well done and acred, it would be just another nasty piece of exploitation but the film is much more than that - almost up to the standard of 'Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door' from last year in its impact.
I did not find Martyrs a festival highpoint - too unrelenting for entertainment
not everyone thinks films should just entertain: what is entertaining about slasher horroer other than the relief that it is happening to someone else

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