Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pullman, Philip: The Subtle Knife (13.01.08)

The second of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy which almsot stands alone though there are necessary links back to the
first book as well as the ongoing thread. Without the connection, this can be described as a rattling good yarn with
some supernatural overtones. The main character in this part is a young lad called Will who is searching for his father
when he meets Lyra in a parallel world. Their adventures together flow unforcedly towards this book's completion
and take the overall plot closer to its resolution in the final part. the fact that the books were written for children
provides and economy of style and language. In no way is this a writing down to a lesser audience but a recognition
that the audience must be respected. Brilliant set pieces do not interrupt the flow and one looks forward to reading
the final book with some regret- there should be more.

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