Monday, September 7, 2009

Harrison, Kim: A Fistful of Charms (08.11.07)

The most recently issued in an ongoing series set in a Cincinnati where the human population are complemented by witches,
vampires, weres, pixies, fairies and elves, each of which has certain characteristics. Rachel Morgan, the heroine, is a witch
in partnership with Ivy, a Vampire, and Jenks, a pixy, in a private investigator setf-up. The story is one of her going ater a
former human boyfriend who has gone off with one of Jenks's sons to help him find an artefact, the possession of which would lead to weres coming together under a single leader, the holder of the item, which would then lead to war with the
vampires and then the human population. The book is rather long which leads to a loss of interest somewhere about two-thirds in though it picks up for the climax. The interplay between the leading characters is believable and allows for the
different abilities of the various types with the occasional reference back to earlier novels in the series though these do not
interfere with understanding the narrative. Enjoyable without being in any way great literature.

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