Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Kidnapping of Fux Banker: Karel Anton (29.05.08)

A Czech silent from 1924 which was also part of the 2nd Fashion in Film Festival though the fashion show which presumably
gave the reason for its inclusion is missing from what is a reconstruction of a lost original. Meant to revive the fortunes
of the local film industry and considered by some as the best Czach film to that date, it really is something of a let-down
(andf that is being polite about it). The female lead is Anny Ondrakova who later appeared in Hitchcock's British films.
The opening sequence of the eponymous banker being waited on by manicurist, barber and a typist is mildly witty but the
film then goes off the rails. Meant as a crime film, with no background for such films locally, the director opted for
slapstick which, with the intertitles, did raise a few laughs from the audience at the BFI. Apart from the curiosity value of
the film, a waste of time.

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