Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stross, Charles: The Atrocity Archives

This is one full length novel, a novella 'The Concrete Jungle', an Introduction and a polemic. I did not really read tne
latter and the introduction is, like all such, a variant on the usual publicity piece. 'The Atrocity Archive' which is the
novel is complex though the sci-fi element is straightfoward and held consistently throughout. The basic story is a
thriller using a Nazi relic body as the apparent body though this is being manipulated. The story moves along briskly
and the hero is well-defined and likeable - prone to error at times and aware of his own failings. The novella continues
his adventures presumably shortly after those of the novel though this is not spelt out - again an easy read.
((Just what I meant to say when describing the basic story is beyond me)

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