Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hart, Maarten 'T: The Sundial (02.05.08)

An interesting novel with a heroine who inherits the apartment and belongings of her best friend who was a flamboyant
and elegant research laboratory assistant, the latter having died unexpectedly of sunstroke. A necessary condition is that
she moves into the apartment to care for the three cats which she had done before when her friend was away. She takes
to wearing her dead friend's clothes and also using the long artificial fingernails her friend used. Someone she did not
previously know appears and is convinced the dead woman was murdered but there is no proof until, almost by chance,
the method used is exposed. The psychology of the heroine and her reactions to what she learns about her friend's
'hidden' life are well portrayed and the book moves along briskly while seeming at times to be rather leisured - in other
words, it is well-paced. The various characters are skilfully and economically drawn. A novelist who is worth searching out.

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