Monday, September 7, 2009

Pullman, Philip: Northern Lights

As with Stephen King and the Harry Potter series (I think I am halfway through the first book of these), this is a book I have
been meaning to read for a number of years and I have at last gotten round to it. Wow!!! What I have missed. It is brilliant.
I have seen a lot of comments about the philosophy and atheism of the author but have tried to ignore this as it seemed to
be irrelevant - and it is. Pullman could be advocating the return of hanging for shoplifting (there's an idea) for all that it
matters. The story is supberb and the imagery stunning. I shall start the second book soon and I wonder just how the film
will hold up - Nicole Kidman is rather over-rated to my mind though a better actress than her former husband is an actor
(that's like saying Tony Blair is more believable than Pinocchio) though she has some first class performances to her name.
The success of the film will really depend on the integrity and believability of whoever plays Lyra

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