Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Casque d'or: Jacques Becker (05.05.08)

Having commented on Pretty Pink Patty's review of this film, I decided to give a separate review as well. Highly thought
of by many (8.1 on IMDb with a series of comments referring to both Becker's direction, Signoret's acting and looks
and a;lo the playing of both Reggiani and Dauphin in glowing terms) I fif wonder if I had watched the same film. Signoret's
square face is not one of beauty - character, yes - and she has, overall, a very solid appearance. The nub of this film is
the amour fou between Reggiani and her and it was not there. The pair of them seemed to be sleepwalking as if in the
hands of a controlling force and both their relationship and the less immediate one of Signoret and Dauphin failed to
provide any sparks. Even the final shot of her watching her lover's execution was mechanical - she was there through some
inner compulsion but without emotion. Becker captures the feel of 1900 lowlife (or have we seen sufficient similar portrayals
to believe that this was really how it was) and there are a few excellent pieces oof camera work. But this does not make
for anything more than a run-of-the-mill film.
...and she does have a big head

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