Monday, September 7, 2009

Talladega Nights: Will Ferrell and others (07.10.07)

Can someone please tell me if this film is meant to be a laugh-out loud comedy a subtle (!) satire of a commentary on the mores of working class people from the South. If the latter it failed as the cast were playing for laughs rather than adopting
a naturalistic approach and if either of the first two it failed because it just was not funny. Sasha Cohan who has made a
career out of grotesques who are meant to be funny (guess who finds them anything but) here plays another grotesque and
is just about the best thing in it. One final point - if a woman's desirability is that she has large breasts there is little point
in pretending to expose them to those on-screen and not to the world at large.
Sadly I think it was meant to be funny and Ferrell is meant to be a comedian. Ha, bloody, ha!
Pat Evans

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