Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Der Himmel auf Erden: Schirokauer/Schunzel (09.04.08)

Shown in the 22nd London Lasbian and Gay Film Festival, this German silent was a delight with Reinhold Schunzel
taking the lead role as well as weiring and producing (though not listed as director). Based on a farce 'Der Doppelmensch',
the film progresses from a marriage immediately before the hero makes his maiden speech in the Reichstag condemning
night clubs, alcohol and vice (his father-in-law is a major producer of sparkling wine) to his learning that he is the owner
of the club he denounced, Der Himmel auf Erden. He has to be there between 10.00 pm and 3.00 am daily which he njust
manages on the first night, leaving his bride completely alone. With many of the complications that make farces farcical,
the story continues over the next 24 hours only, ending happily. Schunzel's performance is a delight of twitchy mannerisms
without being overly broad though his appearance in darg is rather OTT. Two side comments - apart from the drag, there
was no homosexual element (of either sex) and the dancers' legs were much better than most of the chubby ones seen in
musicals in the 30s

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