Monday, September 14, 2009

Frightfest 2009: OneDay Event (09.04.09)

The regular one day taster was held this year at the Prince Charles and a fine and varied programme of films it turned out to be.
A continuation of the Coffin Joe series and thus an acquired taste which I do not have. A lot of the imagery was well done and the quality of the film noticeably higher than I remember from the early films.
Even though taking place at night, this was darkly lit and rather confusingly filmed though the basic story was interesting and several of the effects well done. In some ways it was a refreshing (!) change for the feisty heroine to lose out after coming close to success more than once. The sort of film that would, in the good old days, have been a fine scond feature if cut back somewhat.
This was a hoot as long as it was not taken seriously. A sort of 'Little Ship of Horrors' for tomorrow with some good performances from Paul Sorvino and others though the female lead was rather under-powered voicewise.
This was the surprise film receiving its premiere as ther had been someproblem with what should have been the first showing. The comic duo from TV is not one I know since my funny bone started to go when Morecambe and Wise stopped but they were pleasant enough in the small undemanding film. Some critics have subsequently buried it under a weight of comment the film is just not meant to have and some of the comments about the mainly female cast were a little cruel though none are great beauties: Myanna Buring who is the leade female is rather nice, however. Taken as a mindless bit of fun, it worked.
A lengthy documentary on Australian cinema from the 60s to date outside the 'serious' efforts of such as Peter Weir. Dealing with smutty humour, nudity, shock and gore followed by horror it had a fine selection of clips though the inane remarks of the inevitable Quentin Tarantino added nothing.
We skipped the final film as we have a copy though my recololection of it is that it has some good gore effects and little else.

Glad to see that you finall got around to this - again you are far more lenient than I

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