Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stross, Charles: Rule 34

A female DI whose current job is policing internet porn becomes involved in the murder of a
fetishist though she is immediately sent back to her regular duties until other European police
post details of similar crimes.   At the same time a petty criminal on probation becomes the
Edinburgh Consul of a new republic spun off from Kyrgyzstan.   Also on the scene is an enforcer
for a criminal conglomerate.   With a number of devices that puts the story sometime in the future -
all conversations inside police stations are automatically recorded, buses can be diverted from
their regular route for a fee on the spot and segways in regular use - the three main characters
interact.   The petty criminal was previously arrested by the DI, her friend Dorothy, a high-flying
executive, is more or less raped by the enforcer and they all are involved in both the first murder
and others in some way.   I did find some of the interaction a little forced and do not think this
novel is up to the standard of the others I have read by this author though it passed the time

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