Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Frightfest: Friday 28 August 2015

Hellions.    A pregnant teenager waiting for her boyfriend on Halloween finds herself besieged by
a group of pumpkin-headed callers who declare that they want her unborn child.   She is, however,
resourceful enough to keep them at bay until daybreak.    Overall the film is neither gory nor really
scary though there were some effective scenes.   
The Rotten Link.   Set in a remote Argentinian village, the community is full of degenerates and
whores.   One of them has been taken by all but one of the men because her mother believes that
something bad will happen if she does have sex with all of them.   She eventually is raped by the
last man.   This leads to her brother, who seems a few slices short of a full loaf, to proceed to kill
all of the village.   Very black humour which I did not care for though it was well made.
The Diabolical.   A problem with not reviewing films at the time is that some of them are then no
longer remembered.   This one made no impression on me at all.
Jeruzalem.   Three American tourists go to Israel, one of them with the latest Google device as
a going away gift from her father.   This results in a variation of found footage which is just not
to  my liking - so we left after about 20 minutes!
Final Girl.   Abigail Breslin plays a Nikita type killer with the film taking her from childhood through training to her first killing.   This was a big disappointment as neither the training section
nor the extended period of her killings had any pace or excitement about them.   She looked
anything but capable of killing in hand-to-hand combat.   Rubbish

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