Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Frightfest: Monday 31 August 2015

Curve.   On her way to her wedding in Denver, Julianne hough decides to take the scenic route but
breaks down.   She is helped by a hitchhiker and she gives him a lift for him to turn creepy.   In an
attempt to escape him she deliberately crashes the car which leave her trapped in the car but he is
not.   He leaves her struggling but returns from time to time to taunt her.   Then a flash flood which,
apart from nearly drowning her, moves the car so that she can get free.   Once out of the river, she
goes to the nearest house for her travails to start all over.   Good idea, well made.
Night Fare.   Two friends, one English returning to Paris after some time, the other French, are in
love with the same girl and go to a party to join her.   They deliberately avoid paying the taxi fare
on their way there but the taxi driver follows them and chases them, killing those who interfere.
The denouement was a bit far-fetched but the film was well paced and well-acted.
Nina Forever.   Rob attempts suicide after his girl friend has been killed.   Holly who works at
the same supermarket takes up with him and they end up in bed together but find Nina, the dead
girl, also there.   An oddity but quite jolly.
Goddess of Love.   A stripper is dumped by her boy friend, the love of her life, and goes more than a
little crazy.   With the co-writer playing the stripper this was no better than most vanity pieces.
Tales of Halloween.   The final film of the Festival but, alas, one film too many for us.

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