Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Frightfest: Sunday 30 August 2015

Over Your Dead Body.   Takashi Miike set the action around a new play based on a classic ghost
story with the action on stage being reflected offstage.   I found the film rather confusing but the
staging and cinematography were beautiful with strong performances from the leading players.
Road Games.   An English hitchhiker saves a beautiful girl from the driver of the car she was in.
Learning of a serial killer in the area, they decide to travel together and accept a lift from a local
who insists hey go with him to his house for dinner.   His house is actually a small chateau and
they not only eat there but stay overnight though the lady of the house played by the Frightfest
guest of honour, Barbara Crampton, does tell the hitchhiker to lock his door.   They leave but are grabbed by the farmer on the chateau's land which leads to bloodshed and an unexpected twist.
The acting was on the hammy side and one wonders why the local landowner did not tell the
Engglishman that the girl was his daughter.
Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key.   A restored giallo with the delectable
Edwige Fenech and Anita Strindberg as the main females.   Very typical of the classic period of
giallo with odd angles, a black cat and a male lead obsessed by the memory of his dead mother.
Unfortunately, the film broke down shortly before the end so the final moments remain a mystery.
As with many giallos, the style and imagery are more important than any cohesive plot with the
level of acting none too high.
Scherzo Diabolico.   A bored accountant denied a pay rise concocts a plan to kidnap his boss's
daughter but things go wrong.   With a soundtrack of classical piano sonatas, the film is well made
and one of the better offerings of the weekend.
A Christmas Horror Story.   William Shatner is the dj at a local radio station on Christmas Eve
with his performance framing a series of scary stories - a family going into the forest to cut down
a tree with the son becoming possessed, a family being stalked by the Christmas demon and Santa
Claus being attacked by his elves who have become zombies - with the final scene that of the
station's roving reporter going berserk.

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