Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Frightfest: Thursday 27 August 2015

Cherry Tree.    This year we reverted to the full Festival Pass which means we saw rather more films
of which this was the opening one.   A girl learns her father is dying but is consoled by the glamorous
field hockey coach.   The coach is head of a witches' coven and the girl agrees to join to save her father whose illness is mysteriously cured.   However, he then is burnt to death in a car crash when
the girl tries to get out of the bargain she made.   This leads her to try and destroy the coven which
she does succeed in doing.   Reasonable effort without being memorable.   For a British film this
was well above the average.
Turbo Kid.   In a post-apocalyptic world, a teenager survives by scavenging and trading while being
keen on comic books.   He meets a strange girl called Apple who is kidnaps by Zeus who controls
the water supply.   Plucking up courage he rescues her to discover that she is actually an android but
this does not stop him.   Full of typical comic book violence and mayhem, the film is a delight and
the more so for being unexpected with Laurence Leboeuf as Apple giving, for me, what turned out
to be the best performance of the weekend.   This was a brightly coloured film which somehow added
to the enjoyment.

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