Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frightfest: Sunday 25 August

Not our first choice of the morning but this tale of a Mormon missionary's obsession with a wife and her son which she at first appreciates before his friendship becomes too intense.   Reasonable.
Hansel and Gretel Get Baked
Mildly amusing riff on the fairy tale with Lara Flynn Boyle going over the top as the witch who sells
drugs as a cover for killing to keep her looks.
Dark Tourist
A lonely security guard spends his time planning his annual holiday which traces the sites linked to
various serial killers.   Rubbish.
The Desert
Three survivors of an unspecified disaster are holed up with occasional forays to get supplies until one
of them brings back a zombie as well.   Also rubbish.
The Last Days
The only way to stay alive is to stay indoors or underground in this Spanish thriller set in Barcelona.
The hero needs to get to his pregnant girlfriend and sets off through passages with his boss, the two of
them being anything but friends.   For the most part, what happens is not unexpected apart from a bravura scene in a church involving a very large bear which has escaped from the zoo.   The two men
develop an understanding which lets the hero eventually find his girlfriend, the denouement being the
end of the plague and the start of a new life.   By far the best so far.

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