Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frightfest 2013: Friday 23 August

The Dyatlov Pass Incident
A bunch of American college students travel to Russia to investigate an incident in 1959 when nine
Russian hikers disappeared in the Urals even though they were experienced climbers.   After a slowish
start they arrive at the area of the mystery with their numbers gradually being depleted until the remaining two get caught up in what was an ongoing military secret experiment.  Very so-so and what
was the delectable Gemma Atkinson doing in an American film wearing winter clothing?
An uptight office worker is stung by a wasp when leaving his morning shower (serves him right for
being over-clean!).   This distorts his sense of reality both in the office where gamesmanship seems to
be the primary activity and his mental state is further disrupted by a 'Dear John' e-mail.   There is an
impending sense of violence which reaches a climax at the local night club.   Overall, mildly interesting
but forgettable.
Sadik 2
New Year's Eve sees six friends partying in a rented house in the country but things go wrong: also in the house is a film crew making a snuff movie using the friends as the cast.   Pick up after a slow start
but mainly a compilation of the usual cliches.
An excellent performance from Abigail Breslin who has grown up since her 'Little Miss Sunshine' days
made this the most enjoyable film to date.   A family are trapped in their house and its immediate surroundings without realising that they are repeating the same day over and over again.   Breslin does
work this out which leads to the family finally escaping from the limbo of death without closure to the
final freeing of their spirits.   Not bad with a nice cameo from Stephen McHattie.
I know I saw this film about friends at a holiday cottage but I must have slept through it as I do not
remember a thing.

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