Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frightfest 2013: Monday 26 August

Banshee Chapter 3D
Secret CIA drug experiments in mind control form the basis of this muddled and useless film.  Why 3D?
Odd Thomas
Based on the first of the Dean Koontz novels about the eponymous hero,  this was a pleasant enough way to pass the afternoon without exciting the juices.   In its favour are the component playing of the
main characters and the clear cinematography.
We Are What We Are
A remake of the Mexican film of the same name, this has a bigger budget but is no more involving than the original
Big Bad Wolves
A nasty little film about a man who kidnaps someone he considers responsible for abducting and abusing his daughters.   He tortures him to get to the truth and is helped both by a rogue cop and by
his own father.   Not aat all enjoyable but well made.
The delayed writing of the five days' films is obvious from the shortness of the entries even though I
was able to refer to the programme.   However, I think it also points up an overall lower standard than
has been the case is earlier years.   The only film I would like to see again is 'The Last Days' though I
may possibly watch some of the others if, and when, shown on TV.

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