Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frightfest 2013: Thursday 22 August

The previous entry should have been followed by this one around two weeks later but, on 31 August, Pat broke her ankle and looking after naturally became a priority.   This definitely disrupted my days
and did leave me with rather less 'free' time than usual.   By the time the cycling season had finished, it
was mid-October and the switch from 'must restart the blog tomorrow' to actually doing it has taken
rather more time than I expected.
The Dead 2: India
The first of the series was shown two years ago and featured as an analytical session last year though I
saw neither.   The plot is simple - our hero is trying to reach loved ones during a zombie outbreak so the
story line becomes a series of near misses for him while others are less fortunate.   Even had I written
this immediately afterwards it would still have been a rather indifferent reaction.
Curse of Chucky
Here we go again!   The malevolent killer doll returns for a number of imaginative killings with, almost
at the end, a cameo from the iconic Jennifer Tilley.
Having intended previously to stay for the late screenings by staying at an hotel - which was none too
successful - we reverted to missing deliberately the final show of the evening.

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