Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frightfest 2013: Saturday 24 August

The Hypnotist
Investigating a triple murder, the detective in charge uses a disgraced hypnotist to unlock the memory of
the only witness.   Could have been much better.
Frankenstein's Army
As World War II is ending, a group of Russian soldiers find themselves cut off in enemy territory and
stumble on a secret Nazi laboratory where a mad scientist is creating a super-army from the bodies of
dead soldiers with weapons attached.   Gory, very unbelievable and an enjoyable romp.
No One Lives
A bungled heist leads a gang to grab a couple in a car without realising that the driver is wanted for a
multiple killing and his companion is actually his hostage.   Mayhem ensues and a gory time is had by
The 3D effects were a little off-putting in this fantasy thriller where dead lawmen track down and arrest
criminal spirits who disguise themselves as 'normal' humans.   With nods to both 'Men in Black' and
'Ghostbusters', this was not as good as one expected from the cast les by Jeff Bridges with Kevin Bacon as the lead bad guy.

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