Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Sleeping Beauty: Catherine Breillat (LFF)

A sort of feminist update on the fairy tale with the princess being cursed to die at 16 but three young witches, first seen in
the nude bathing, convert this to falling asleep for 100 years, being able to move around in her dreams and then for the curse to run from 6 to 16 as childhood is the boring part of life. This happens and the young princess goes through a series of
adventures, falling in love with a young lad who is taken by the Snow Queen, living with gypsies and other events until she
reahces 16 when she wakes up and meets someone she takes to be the long-lost boyfriend but is actually his great-grandson. She is now old enough to do something about the love she had as a 6 year old for a protective older boy which she does to end up pregnant - end of film. Boring.

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