Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Book of Masters: Vadim Sokolovsky (LFF)

A fairytale princess out picking flowers with her grandmothers touches a magic stone which turns her into a Stone Queen who
is trapped in a tower for eternity so she vows revenge on all humans and creates an army of stone warriors who lay waste to
the surrounding area. It turns out that there is a resolution to the curse which involves a stonecutter remodelling the magic stone though this can, if done wrongly, give the Stone Queen the ability to end the world. A rather dopey looking boy has
followed his father's trade and learns all there is to know about stone cutting having read the Book of Masters. After a number of adventures including a beautiful young maid with whom he, of course, falls in love, he ends as the hero of the hour and all live happily ever after. The production does from time to time cut from live action to a printed page which then
comes to life to move the story on - very effectively done. A charming film.

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