Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kaboom: Gregg Araki (LFF)

Pulled from this year's Frightfest by the director, the film tells of a bisexual college student sharing a room with a surfer stud
with a lesbian best friend at the same college. She takes him to a party where she immediately goes off with her latest desire
and he is almost as immediately approached by a girl who is sick over his shoes. While cleaning these in the men's room, he
is accosted by another girl who wants to fuck so he does. The film goes down from there with his having weird dreams, seeing the girl who was sick over him kidnapped by men in animal masks, having sex with the second girl frequently while his
best friend finds she cannot stop her sexual activities either. Brightly lit with reasonably good-looking females and an out-of-sight plot, all that can be said in the film's favour is that it is fairly short, well lit and pacy.

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