Wednesday, November 3, 2010

End of Animal: Jo Sung-Hee (LFF)

A girl is travelling by taxi to her mother's home in the country and agrees to give a hitch-hiker a lift. He seems to know all about the driver and the girl as well as forecasting some sort of disaster. This duly happens and the driver goes off to find
help, leaving the girl in the cab. The stranger vanishes and the girl finds herself in a twisted loop where she is bullied by
others and gets nowhere until finally giving birth by the roadside - although her pregnancy is established early on, she does not look that advanced at the start. The stranger, who has appeared again from time to time, turns up again and takes the baby leaving the girl sitting by the roadside reciting a list of things she wants. I confess i fell asleep at times during this very odd film in which so little actually happens. The director is overly fond of over-long distance shots which make Bela Tarr come across as almost an action helmer.

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