Thursday, November 4, 2010

BFI London Film Festival 2010

With only 10 films seen from the hundreds on offer it is unreasonable to make comparisons although, following much the same criteria as before, I found my overall reaction was that there was not as much to excite. Having said that, 'La Princesse de Montpensier', 'Biutiful' and '13 Assassins' were very good with 'The Book of Masters' deserving a special mention as well.
The others were disappointing to a greater or lesser extent with 'End of Animal' taking the wooden spoon closely followed by 'Kaboom'. The remaining four had some good points but were not really satisfying. Best actress - Melanie Thierry in 'La
Princesse de Montpensier' in which Lambert Wilson almost gets Best Actor though this must go to Javier Bardem in 'Biutiful'.
Best cinematography a three-way tie between my top three films. Weirdest performance - Gerard Depardieu in "Mammuth'.
Most gratuitous nudity - 'Kaboom'. Most desirable female - Melanie Thierry with a close second in Roxane Mesquida in 'Kaboom'. Most boring film - 'End of Animal' even if I did sleep almost as much in 'Sleeping Beauty'. Oddest single scene by a leading player - Janet Gaynor's dance in 'Sunny Side Up' which film also claims the most outre scene in 'Turn Up the Heat'

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