Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frightfest 2010 Redux

As an exercise, I thought I would post a series of short comments on the filmss seen which may or may not reflect what I
thought of them.
Hatchet 2 - bury it!
Primal - anything but first!
Eggshells - better not hatched.
The Clinic - not for hypochondriacs
Finale - at least it's over!
Wound - either coming loose or a cut beneath depending on the pronunciation
F - no... B+
Christopher Roth - not a patch on Tim
Fanboys - preferred the fan girl
13 Hrs - Went quickly enough
I Spit On Your Grave - Should not have been resurrected
Monsters - rather a harsh description of the leads
The Pack - two queens and a joker beat the rest
Outcast - should be cast out
We Are What We Are - more's the pity
Amer - a bitter pill to swallow
Buried - see I Spit On Your Grave
Video Nasties - sweet!
After.Life - needed livening up
Bedevilled - you can't bank on a banker
Red White and Blue - flagged badly
The Last Exorcism - good job there was only one!

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pppatty said...

Tres droll! More amusing and entertaining than some of the films...