Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crossways (JuJiro): Teinosuke Kinugasa

This 1928 Japanese silent is described as one of the milestones of Japanese cinema following the director's earlier 'A Page of Madness'. The story is one of a profligate young man, besotted with a whore, who thinks he has killed a rival for her wares
and takes refuge with his sister to hide from the consequences. The film reflects the German expressionism of the period and is deliberately not filmed sequentially but with a mix of the now and the then to illustrate the tortured mind of the lead.
The film was preceded by a somewhat unfluent (if there is such a word) introduction aiming to put the film in the context of
Japanese cinema at the time. I thought the film was of interest but not quite up to the level of the better German and other
films of the period and not as interesting as the earlier film.

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pppatty said...

Glad we saw it although my recollection of Page of Madness is that it was a rather more interestingly-done film. And since we're never likely to see it again, I have no way of knowing whether my memory is at fault. Would definitely have enjoyed the evening more without the endless and boring intro.