Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Krajewski, Marek: The End of the World in Breslau

A middle-aged police detective has to solve some singularly unpleasant crimes while dealing with a younger unfaithful wife.
He seems to spend much of his time eating and drinking throughout the day so that he is more often than not either drunk or
suffering a hangover. He deduces that the crimes are linked to a Russian seer who has proclaimed that the end of the world
is nigh with ancient crimes being repeated and proceeds, with others, to search through the archives to find the originals of the present crimes and then to work out which comes next. The whole story is told in flashback as a form of deathbed confession though the device seems unnecessary. A well written curiosity in many ways which evokes the underworld of the
former capital of Silesia and its inhabitants more than adequately.

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