Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kirino, Natsuo: Out

A woman murders her good-for-nothing husband and enlists the help of workmates on the night shift at a fast food plant to
help her avoid detection and conviction. While that is the basic short version of the story, the interest lies in the varying reactions of the workmates, the willingness to ignore morality for financial advantage and the course that events take in the
aftermath of the murder. As with the other of her books I have read, there is a dispassionate tone with often gruesome and illegal activity presented without condemnation almost as if the entire world was alienated from itself. It did take me quite
some time to read the 500 plus pages as there is a definite density to the work though this does not prevent its being a very
readable work. I don't think it was enjoyable though this is hardly surprising considering the subject matter.

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