Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frightfest 2010: Day 1

The opening film was the world premiere of "Hatchet II' directed by Frightfest favourite, Adam Green, which follows on directly from the first film. The female survivor enlists the help of Tony Todd who assembles a motley crew of hunters to kill Victor
Crowley, the killing monster, while helping the girl retrieve her relatives' remains. What follows is a series of inventive and
bloody killings as Crowley outwits his hunters until the final scene. Despite the hype, a relatively mundane example of the
genre despite the imaginative deaths - one example is a new version of losing your head over a woman!
A second world premiere, "Primal' directed by Josh Reed, followed. Set in the Australian wilds, the film follows a small party
of friends looking for Aboriginal relics which they find - but the area is infected by a primordial evil. Some are infected by this and kill others to provide food for the evil entity leaving, as so often, one female survivor. A nice touch is that she is
teased early in the film to utter the c... word but will only do so when appropriate: guess what her final word is after killing
the last 'baddie'. Am I wrong to say this was not bad for an Australian film.

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pppatty said...

How in the world could you be wrong, although I know exactly what you mean since Australian films are so often unintelligible. Fortunately the female with the worst voice was the first to mutate into grunts. I actually preferred this one to the second 'Hatchet' which was so very like so many similar films.