Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frightfest 2014: Sunday 24 August

Faults is an unmemorable film about cult possession and the attempts to de-programme Mary
Elizabeth Winstead which has as its twist the corruption of the deprogrammer.   No comment.
The Samurai A German policeman takes a misdelivered package to an isolated cottage whose
occupant shows him the ancient samurai sword it contains.   The film then becomes a fight between
the policeman and the sword holder with the latter chased through the village where he kills a lot
of people before himself being killed by the policemen.   Quite an enjoyable romp.
Open Windows stars Elijah Wood who is in Austin, Texas, to receive an award which does not
happen as it is a hoax.   With elaborate use of modern technology - computers, tablets, smart phones
and the like - what follows is a high-speed chase with Wood tasked with saving Sasha Grey, playing
the movie star who was to have given him the award.   I do not much care for split-screen effects but
they were effectively done and the end result was moderately successful.

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