Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frightfest 2014: Friday 22 August

Rather later than I had hoped, I am dealing with the films we saw at Frightfest this year.   Unlike
previous years, we did not buy a complete pass but saw only films selected in advance so it's our
own fault if we did not like them!
Late Phases tells of a blind war veteran moving into a gated retirement community where his
abrasive personality does not go down too well.   A series of deadly attacks go unsolved but he
becomes involved and uses his skills to kill what turn out to be werewolves though himself
dying.   Excellent central performance by Nick Damici does not outweigh the rather pedestrian
development of the rather hackneyed plot even with the unusual setting.
R100 is a Japanese wierdo of a film with a bored salaryman joining a club which promises
adventure, the only catch being that he cannot resign for a year.   He is then attacked by a
number of attractive females, dressed in fetish costumes, who periodically beat him up which
he seems to enjoy.  An uninspiring oddity.

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