Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carroll, Jonathan: White Apples

The main character is a philanderer who has died and come back to life.   He has an affair with a lovely shopkeeper who has the name of a dead colleague of his tattooed on the back of her neck.
He stops seeing her when the love of his life returns after their having argued over a trivial matter
some time earlier.   The novel continues with the two of them keeping ahead of Death which, or should it be who, wants to reclaim him.   A number of scenes are captivating - his seeing his parents
naked watching a dog and a deer play in a field outside the inn where they are staying, possibly on the
night he was conceived; his girlfriend spending time with her dead grandmother.   She, it turns out, is
the one who brought him back from the dead to be a father to their child which she is carrying.   I did
not quite follow the whys and wherefores of this even though the clarity of Carroll's writing is exemplary even at its most poetic.

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