Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Machine That Kills Bad People: Roberto Rosselini (LFF 14.10.2011)

A departure from the neo-realism normally associated with this director, the film is a satirical fantasy in which a photographer in a small Italian town is given magical powers. Anyone photographed by him against whom he has any
sort of grudge subsequently dies. Discovering this by accident, he uses it to remove corrupt and venial officials. A secondary plot has two American couples arriving in the town, one of whom has inherited a house from a dead uncle. They
are moved from place to place as the locals try to win favour from the supposedly rich visitors. Played very broadly, the film is a pleasant enough commentary on corruption in many forms - but surely not the lost masterpiece that some have claimed it to be.

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pppatty said...

The most interesting thing about this movie is how very different it is from virtually everything else that the director did