Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let The Bullets Fly: Jiang Wen (LFF 20.11.2011)

An action comedy set in rural 1920s China with fast-moving action, double-dealing and a duel role for the King of Cool, Chow Yun Fat. A notorious bandit robs a train containing the new Governor of Goose Town and his wife. The latter becomes the Bandit's mistress and he takes on the Governor's identity, making the latter his advisor. Chow is the Mr Big of Goose Town, and also his slow-witted double, who seems to be a willing co-operator in the renewed search for the bandit while actually trying to remove the Governor and retain control of the town. Much mayhem occurs in a series of scenes with the ending seeing Chow blown up and the bandit now deciding to go to Beijing for further advancement. A complete riot of a film which does not need or would bear any serious criticism - a film to sit back and enjoy.

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and enjoy it we did!