Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Fairy: Abel, Gordon and Romy (LFF 15.10.2011)

The three directors also take the leads in this anarchic farce which combines brilliant physical comedy with surreal images.
Abel is a night manager in a small hotel into which Gordon checks telling him she is a fairy and giving him three wishes. He
asks for the first two but saves the third. She is hospitalised but rescued by him in a marvellous string of physical gags which are worthy of Keaton at his best. This is later topped by a brilliant sequence in which the two of them are trying to
recover their infant child off the back of a moving car. In between, a slightly drawn out scene in a cafe run by a very myopic Romy with the local ladies rugby team drowning their sorrows does slow things down without minimising the charm.

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pppatty said...

Must try to locate the pair's two earlier films to see if they are as enchanting