Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deep End: Jerzy Skolimowski

Re-seen recently on a Royal Navy (!) print which left something to be desired. John Moulder Brown plays a school leaver in his first job at a public baths (the old type where cubicles for regular baths as well as a swimming bath are) and becomes infatuated with Jane Asher who already works there. She is older and has a boy friend but flirts with him which leads after a number of episodic events to tragedy. While Moulder Brown conveys the inanity of his infatuation, though he is not as naive as he appears, it is hard to believe in his character as his accent is too well-bred both for this environment and for his parents who appear in one of the episodes. Diana Dors appears as an overweight sex-starved woman, a far cry from her heyday as the leading British sexbomb (not in my eyes though). Jane Asher was probably at her most gorgeous in this film and both her looks and her performance carry the film. An oddity in many ways which I was gald to see again

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pppatty said...

Fair comments. However in the light of the scattiness of the earlier scenes, I was not prepared for the tragic ending -- which I must confess I did not remember. In fact I am now beginning to wonder whether I actually ever saw this film previously or whether I have been conflating it with another or two or three.