Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stross,Charles: The Jennifer Morgue

This is a continuation of the adventures of Bob Howard in a world where zombies, withcraft, aliens and the like are everyday occurences to the Laundry, the paranormal British Government service for which he works. From a seemingly bureaucratic
meeting in Darmstadt, he is linked with a part human, part fish being who is controlled by the US equivalent body using a soul-feeding entity inside her to do so. With a lot of computer experise which is probably correct and a lot of other scientific jargon (which may not be as solidly grounded) our hero has a James Bond-like adventure in the Caribbean where he becomes the central character in a geas created by the multi-billionaire baddie. However, after numerous trials and tribulations, he survives even through the coda (the bit in the films when everyone thinks all is well but there is still one baddies seeking revenge). A very well written book with a lot of humour in it as well as some chillingly scary moments.

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