Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Carroll, Jonathan: Voice of Our Shadow

Haunted by the death of his brother, Joe Lennox moves to Vienna where he meets a charismatic
couple, Paul and India Tate.   She is an artist and he is a brilliant magician; they spend more and
more time again and Joe falls in love with India.   This love is returned and, eventually, Paul
finds out and kills himself.   However, as time passes, Paul reappears to haunt the couple in various
ways which ends with India going back to him.   The book is a mixture of the everyday life of
friends and betrayal mixed with the supernatural which is to be expected from Mr Carroll.   It is
all believable even when what happens is not really possible though one is left with the distinct
thought that it might be.   Even Joe's attempt to break with India and lead a normal life with
another woman fits as does his return to Vienna and the final scary climax.

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