Thursday, December 15, 2016

Carrell, J.L.: The Shakespeare Secret.

A young American academic has left her career to become a noted theatre director.   While rehearsing
at Shakespeare's Globe in London, her former mentor and professor turns up and is murdered.   The
theatre is set on fire and Kate Stanley is in danger from the mysterious assassin.   She is helped by a
theatrical knigh who was due to play Hamlet's Fatherin her new production and by a very capable
retured soldier who is the murdered woman's nephew.   The plot is very involved and the action moves to Boston, Washington D.C., Idaho, New Mexico and back to England where both Wilton House and Stratford upon Avon feature before the denouement back in the USA.   A number of other
characters feature and for much of the book it is hard to tell who are good, apart from those who are
murdered along the way, and those who are bad.   The narrative is interspersed with chapters set in
the reign of James I which enhances the mystery of who wants waht and why.   A mixture of learned
exposition, sometimes perhaps too much, and fast-moving action, this is an unusual thriller which I
found quite gripping.

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