Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Vargas, Fred: Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand

Featuring Commissaire Adamsberg, the story covers many years with murders dating back to 1943.
The murders have all been 'solved' with suspects being obvious.   One was Adamsberg's own brother
who escaped because of the false alibi Adamsberg provided.   He is convinced the real killer was a
highly respected Judge Fulgence but he could not prove it.   A new murder arouses Adamsberg's
interest as the method replicates that of the earlier killings but he learns that Fulgence has died and
been buried some time previously.   Adamsberg and his team go to Canada to learn new techniques
from the Canadian police.   While there, he has a brief affair with a young woman who is then found
murdered after the French detectives have returned to Paris.   Adams berg agrees to return to Canada
with a colleague who is actually meant to watch him.   Needless to say, after some adventures the
truth comes out.   The complex plot is very well handled and the various events are plausible even
when seemingly far-fetched.   The book definitely consolidates the deservedly high reputation that
Vargas enjoys.

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