Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Camilleri, Andrea: Angelica's Smile

Montalbano finds himself investigating a series of burglaries involving the elite of Vigata.   There
are a number of details in common which make it obvious that all the burglaries are the work of
a single team.   During the course of his investigation he becomes involved with Angelica, a younger
beauty who effectively seduces him.   One thing that I did find annoying in the book is the way in
which Catarella's inability to get facts and names correct is shown.   This is something one is well
award of in the TV adaptations but it seems overdone here - 'Chief, promise ya won't get upset if I tell
yiz I dunno wha'ss a grieve party?' in response to Montalbano's 'The aggrieved party'.  I assume the
Italian TV has Catarella using a coarse accent than the others but the mispronunciation of names is
surely sufficient to convey his character.   This did detract from my enjoyment of the book which
was otherwise up to the usual standard.

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