Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fowler, Christopher: Bryant and May off the Rails

Yet again the Peculiar Crimes Unit is on the brink of being closed down having been moved from
their previous offices to a dilapidated building on the Caledonian Road.   The highly ingenious
plot is a given with the hunt around the Underground for the killer who has escaped after being
caught in the previous book.   While trying to trace and recapture him, they become involved in
searching for a missing student whose flatmates - an odd collection - fall under suspicion when his
body is found in a disused tunnel at King's Cross.   While the Unit members are well delineated
and the development of the two searches more than adequately set out, I did find some of the
factual byways of esoteric Underground history a little too much at times   However, this did not
really detract from yet another excellent novel - with the added bonus of a possible explanation
for the tragic fire at King's Cross in November 1987 (though only as far as it fits the novel).

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