Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Christopher, Adam: Empire State

This is something of a hybrid - a sci-fi detective story set mainly in an alternative New York which
was created by the outcome of the fight between the two superheroes protecting the New York of
the prohibition era.   This caused a bubble in which a variant New York appears.   The action is set
in the nineteenth year of 'Empire State' which is 1950 in the real world.   The plot, such as it is, has
a private detective, Rad, employed to find the missing female partner of a rich girl.   Both  of the
New York have a number of doppelgängers whose appearance is not matched by their behavious
though their occupations seem to coincide - Rad's double is Rex, another private eye.   I do not
think the story hangs together completely but this might reflect the disjointed reading of it;   it is
certainly pact and enjoyable and almost believable.   it reminded me of the TV series 'Fringe' which
is referred to in the end-piece interview with the author.   I may try other books by the author but
am in no hurry to do so.

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