Friday, May 23, 2014

Nelle Neuhaus: Snow White Must Die

Tobias Sartorius is released from prison after his conviction for the murder of two 17 year old girls
whose bodies have never been found.   Convicted on circumstantial evidence of killing them, he returns home to a hostile environment even though he has been befriended by the local major
landowner.   Two detectives from Frankfurt, the nearest large city, have the task of investigating
events which then become more serious with assaults and the disappearance of another young
woman, a recent newcomer to the village.   She has befriended Tobias and also been curious about
the past events.   The cover up which led to Tobias' conviction starts to unravel though the final
explanation is somewhat complex.   Parallel to this are the lives of the two detectives, the senior
female trying to save the home she has built from being destroyed and the aristocratic male with
a celebrated explorer wife finding his marriage disintegrating.   Again, a well-written novel which
deserves its best-seller status.

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