Friday, May 23, 2014

Leon, Donna: Death in a Strange Country

Yet another Commissario Brunetti investigation, this time taking him outside Venice to Vicenza and
the US base there.   A soldier visiting Venice is found murdered, apparently the result of a mugging;
a rich businessman disturbs burglars who escape the jewellery and three very expensive paintings.
The two events seem unconnected until the reason for the soldier's death and that of his lover, who
was an officer at the same base, is uncovered.   This involves the businessman through his connections.   By the end of the book, some of the bad guys are punished but most are not.   There
is somewhat more background of the political life of Italy, the continuing influence of the old aristocracy, such as Brunetti's father-in-law, and the Mafia.   The way in which Brunetti's home
life is woven into the novel is, as always, well done and numerous small aside about life in Venice
evoke a sense of that city without getting overly flowery.    Consistently good.

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