Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Samurai That Night: Masaki Akahori

Seen later the same day as the first film, the title and description led me to expect a somewhat bloody revenge film with the protagonist seeking retribution on the lout who had killed his wife in a car crash. The lout has served a five year jail sentence but has no regrets and has certainly not reformed in any way. The husband is a quiet man who has a small foundry with employees who treat him very off-handedly and friends who are trying to match him up with someone to help him forget his dead wife. This is a slowish psychological study with a few touching scenes and a denouement in really heavy rain which seems to give the husband closure even though the lout is still alive. I might have thought more of it had I not had the wrong initial impression of what I was going to see though without that impression I wouldnot have seen it!

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pppatty said...

agree -- didn't somehow live up to our expectations