Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doomsday Book: Kim Jee-woon & Yim Pil-Sung

The first of this year's London Film Festival viewings, this is a three part Korean film, the first two parts having been completed some time ago while the third is a more recent collaboration. The first segment is a zombie episode which starts with frankly nauseating scenes of food being eaten and the waste then processed into animal feed which then returns to the table as raw beef. This causes an unstoppable epidemic of walking dead. A satirical comment on the food industry filmed in bright colour with some style. The second segment is set in a Buddhist temple with a robot discussing Nirvana with the monks when a mechanic fails to repair it or close it down. A little on the long side but interesting. The final segment has the two directors co-operating in a tale in which a young girl loses her father's eightball and orders another without knowing that she has ordered it from somewhere in the universe. The problem is that the delivery comes in a giant size which destroys muuch of the earth. The family survive in an underground shelter and emerge after many years to find the oversized ball on their doorstep with the alian messenger still waiting for a signature accepting delivery. Amusing but probably the weakest of the three.

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pppatty said...

I thought the first part of this film left you feeling slightly queasy. In retrospect, I agree that it was the best thought out of three parts, although I liked the concept of the second part best